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DPM and The DPM Foundation serve our members and communities with our four pillars: Selflessness, Sisterhood, Unity, and Community.
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2018 Retreat, Gaylord Resort Nashville

2018 Retreat Speakers: Film Stars “Meet The Patels”

2018 Retreat Speaker: Author and Survivor of the Mumbai terrorist attack Linda Ragsdale (center)

2017 Retreat Speakers: Gold Star Father Mr. Khizr Khan, Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, Dr. Alice Chen

2017 DPM Meets U.S. Congressman from Chicago: Raja Krishnamoorthi

2016 DPM Panel: Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Our Members

DPM was founded to promote unity among Desi Physician Women, embracing our diversity in religion, language, nationality, culture, and place of birth/childhood. A special aspect of Desi culture and pride is selflessness, and we have seen countless selfless acts of kindness every day in small ways and in great. Our members grew into bonding with one another and no longer consider themselves to belong to a Facebook group, but rather a tight sisterhood of love and support, a sisterhood in which one can seek advice and guidance without judgement, in a forum of women bonded in similar struggles and challenges. Because each of us is a licensed physician, we have dedicated ourselves to serving others in the medical profession, and DPM fosters further involvement in our communities. With unity and selflessness, our sisterhood will go on to share our culture and charity with the community beyond what we provide on a daily basis with our medical training and commitment.

Our Foundation

Due to the enormous growth of this Facebook group and increasing needs for social awareness and advocacy, the not for profit 501(c)3 DPM Foundation was created. 100% of money generated through donations and every day shopping via our partner stores goes towards assisting Desi victims (in the US) in an emergency situation involving domestic abuse, supporting charitable organizations for promoting Desi women’s issues, and will allow us to grow and reach more Desi Physician Women to foster our four pillars of Selflessness, Sisterhood, Unity, and Community.

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Latest News

Operation DPMask

“DPM Foundation Donates over 30,000 masks to physicians and high risk patients” The DPM Foundation board coordinated DPMask, a massive effort to purchase materials for, coordinate production, and distribute over 30,000 specialized masks and gowns free of...

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South Asian Solution by Nisha Chellam MD

Introduction: Warning! A little heavy on the science but this group can handle it. Since our blogs are about beauty and many of us consider beauty as an inside job let’s take the literal insides. Have you started dressing up for an occasion and feel a little...

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Dance a liberated art and fashion! by Smruti Nalawadi, MD

Dance is created with the intent to express or communicate emotion, feelings, and ideas. Dance for me and for some is a pure way of expressing a desire to be liberated from various emotions. In a world where both fashion and dance are art forms, the two make the...

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Ek Sari in Dasa Chitra By Nisha Chellam, MD

If you are like me you love sarees. If you are like me and I think a lot of people are like me, you probably hate to wear whatever everyone else wears. If you are like me you do not like to wear the same clothes over and over again. Say what!! After all that money!!!...

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Welcome Spring by Smruti Nalawadi, MD

All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today. No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold, when it is summer in the...

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Seven Dimensions of wellness by Varalakshmi Venkatachalam, MD

What are the seven dimensions of wellness and how to achieve the balance? Wellness in general is misinterpreted as being free of disease. Disease may not be optional. But suffering is optional. We can achieve wellness by integrating seven dimensions and by creating a...

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Hitting the snooze button….. Wanting that last 10 minutes of sleep….. Wanting to finish that dream…. Need to have another 30 secs of shut eye I could use…. Today I will sleep in as it is my day off…. Are these all familiar habits and experiences? For years physicians...

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Skincare with Retinol by Anjum Qazi, MD

Retinol the #1 anti-aging product, yet creates apprehension.  For someone was never used retinol, it can sounds scary, especially when being here harder stories about the redness, peeling, irritation, photosensitivity and flaky skin.  We're here to clear some myths...

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Styles to Wearing a Brooch by Deepu Madduri, MD

Ways to wear a brooch Brooches are accessories that most people tend to write off. Some of you just think it should be worn on the right or left side of a shirt. Actually, the brooch is one of the most fun and versatile piece of accessory. Not hating on other...

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“Shade of Red” by Smruti Nalawadi, MD

There is a shade of red for every Women. Audrey Hepburn The color red is often referred to Passionate love, violence, danger, fire, seduction. Red is also color of confidence, power, protective force, energy, dynamic force and vitality. No wonder then that red  is one...

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