My recent obsession has been this young designer Ayush Kejriwal.


He is unique. He is unique in his choice of color combinations, choice of designs, remarkable jewelry and fun photo shoots.

Some of his models are ordinary folks. A huge departure from the porcelain white skinned, tall, bony, high cheek boned, and doe eyed models we all see.  His family also models for his clothes, which is very unusual or never happens.

Above all he loves to embrace all types of women as models

  • Tall
  • Short
  • Fat
  • Thin
  • Dark
  • Fair
  • Women with vitiligo
  • Women with moles
  • Women with glasses

When you see his Instagram post which you can get to see – here,

understand why he is unique.

I have followed his creations for some time now.

I will someday own one of his artistic creations but for now I wanted to simply play with what I already own and figure that if I work with the principles I can somewhat create the Kerjiwal aura.

This was an 8 hours project so please do take time to read and enjoy and share your own designing.

There are 3 primary colors, 3 secondary colors then the 6 intermediary and the hues: In general we know of complimentary colors, which is they are on the opposite side of the wheel or the triads that are equidistant or analogues that are adjacent in the wheel.

Most of the times designers stick with the color wheel, and co-ordinate within the complements, hues, analogues or triads.

Ayush Kerjiwal creates a clash of colors that actually work.

In this article I have tried to re-create his looks in my own way.

Let’s dive in.

Photo: 1

Here is photo of beautiful well chiseled face of a model wearing beautiful black saree with different prints.  The flower is orange yellow hue. The jewelry is a statement piece and creates a semblance of royalty. (I know you are confused as to who the model is !!!!)

Photo: 2

The Next photo is again clashing colors. He has all the primary colors: red, yellow and blue.

(I just realized I need more blouses). My son who took the photos was annoyed; he said “it’s not even the similar”!! I think you guys get the point though-boys SMH!!

Photo: 3

A beautiful dark skinned model sporting a bright pink with purple border and a neutral white.

The neutrals are black, white, gold and silver.

I decided since I did not have the layered off- white pearls so I created my own colorful version of this picture. The Bipolar does catch on. Loved playing with the colors and they did not look too off.

Photo: 4

This next photo was really tough. The hardest part of this photo shoot was to create the expressions.

The “resting bitch face”, I could not pull it off. He used a hue and a primary in the adjacent colors. Still looks good. Would not have thought of a combo like that. He pulled it together with the flowers: just a modern version of an ancient look.

She looked like royalty; I look like a tribal version. Need more royal silver jewelry!!

Photo: 5

I started off saying this will be the easiest as it has no jewelry. You see the pose was brutal.

Just a bizarre combination, that looked great. A light blue hue, with a neutral black and primary red!!!

What made this photo difficult was the pose. Just could not nail it. What the hell was she looking at? Elbow? Floor? Imaginary misbehaving kid? No idea!!

But the combination was great to recreate. Again note to self, need new unique blouses with longer sleeves.

Photo: 6

This is a simple classic look: one secondary color and one intermediary color.  The jewelry and draping of the saree was so nice, however I had no patience by now for this. It was raining and I was tired.

This was the closest I had anything to what he makes.

It was tough to compete with the look of a 5’9” model and 5’ 3” not to mention I am probably twice her age.

Photo: 7

This one I was sure I could nail it.

Black and white, sorry and puffed up, but all decked. Yay got that one baby! Lots of similar prints, similar colors, great accessories.

Photo: 8

This was also tough.

What expressions do these models have!!!  I was really trying hard to recreate that” I am going to smile but not smile look”. Instead I looked like the woman who is dressed well but actually “possessed by Satan” look. The combo was great though: Gold-green, Blue-black, red.

Photo: 9

Love, love this one. Why? It’s that uniform look of a very fascinating color: The Chili red with gold.

This is a classic, but again he used 2 different prints on the saree and blouse, simple and grand all at the same time.

(Need printed red saree: note taken.)

Photo: 10

This combination was awesome. I believe they are a hue and an intermediary. I don’t know anymore. I just know you can put on any beautiful colors together and look stunning!!

I could not pull of her beautiful but annoyed expression from all that sun. But the combination of colors was so awesome.

Photo: 11

This one really!!

A neutral black and silver blouse with 2 bright intermediary colors: Pink and? Orange or peachy?

As you can see this was another brutal pose. Looked like you have that “oh you think you’re better than me look’ but again I have anger in my look instead of the smug expression I needed to have.

Again another great combo of the colors- that maybe I would not have thought of myself.

Photo: 12

So my husband who took over the photo shoot was tired of my angry, sultry and sad expressions.

He wanted some fun-comical expression.

So I chose something that has bizarre colors: primary, intermediary, hues and analogues.

This was easy fun and just one shot! Shows when we are happy it is all much easier, even if it is just pretend.

Photo: 13

I know you enjoyed so far, well we are coming to the end.

This one was easy. Classic look, focus on one huge primary color and a neutral: Simple look, but head turning. I’m talking about the model not me.

 (Realized I had not a sticker Bindi in sight- more “things” to buy)

Photo: 14

The final one: The Clash of colors!!

The model wore pink peach white yellow and purple or violet and blue. Just a bunch of colors and looked awesome.

This one I really loved and had nothing similar to what his model wore, so created my own clash of colors now I think I have become an expert at throwing stuff together. Ha: Time to go and start my own Instagram account.

Thank you, 

Ayush Kerjiwal.

Hope you guys enjoyed this journey into a designer’s world as I have imagined it.

Who the hell knows what it is really like!!!

All I can say is simply enjoy all that you have any way you want, there are no rules just enjoy and be grateful.

Only warning, trying this out will make you want to buy a few more things!!!