Hitting the snooze button…..

Wanting that last 10 minutes of sleep…..

Wanting to finish that dream….

Need to have another 30 secs of shut eye I could use….

Today I will sleep in as it is my day off….

Are these all familiar habits and experiences?

For years physicians have been regarded and respected as icons in society.
I remember the first years of medical school.
A very famous nephrologist was teaching us and I distinctly remember his stoic facial expression and eyeglasses on his nose and him stating “ if you need more than four hours of sleep you have no business becoming a doctor”.

I took him seriously and trained myself to have about five hours of sleep at night. I did not know why I needed to sleep less but I did. My thought process was always in a defensive mode.

Today after years of coaching and self-realization one of the common themes of a personally successful life – is the ……….see below:

Welcome to the two crucial hours of each day that will determine the course of your life, not simply your day.

Most of the time, if we step back and analyze we live life in a reactive way.

It has become a more common phenomenon with easy access to information.

React Vs Respond.

So many emotional reactions all in one minute.

So how can we learn to respond with thought and grace and not simply react with emotions?

By developing certain habits of successful individuals.

So what is one of the common habits of highly successful individuals?

Something called the “​Morning Routine​” comes up very often.
If your morning routine is jumping out of bed just on time, to barely get dressed and then pack lunches and yell at the kids to be ready, rushing to the daycare or school and then getting into work again just on time or a few minutes late…..then your battle has begun.

So what is the morning routine?

It starts the night before.

How many of us say I got to get the kids to bed so I can do what I want. Or
I need to finish my notes.
I need to watch TV as this is my only time to relax.
I need a glass of wine to unwind.

Instead try just one thing.

Set a time to go to bed. Between 10PM and 11PM.

And before you do get to bed, make a list of what you want to emotionally accomplish the next day.

Yes I said emotionally accomplish.

I want to feel like I improved each day.
I want to feel like I could enjoy the day.
I want to feel like I leave work on time to come back home and focus on life at home ( not finish notes )
Whatever your little goal is, write it down.

Prepare for the next day:

Set out clothes, plan the lunches
Set out the time you will wake up before everything else breaks loose.

The morning wake up should be smooth if you set up a bedtime routine.
When you wake up the first two hours, is spent planning the day.
Write down the goals in terms of what you would like to accomplish. ( the things)

Warren Buffet says to write down the 25 things you want to accomplish. Then pick the five most important things.
Focus only on the five and delete the remaining 20.
Give the 5 things your undivided attention.

Randi Zuckerberg in her book tells the best way to accomplish is to pick 3 Pick the 3 things you will accomplish today:
More time with kids
Get laundry done
Read an article.

Or you may have only one goal that is fine too.

Just don’t have 10 different goals and do a little of each because you would have done a whole lot of nothing.

Next sit back and be quiet so you can have that conversation in your mind. It may be a prayer
It may be meditation
It maybe listening to your breath.
Enjoy at least 10 minutes of it.

Then Move: move your body with stretches or exercise.

Then feed yourself something that is healthy. Maybe an organic cup of joe or tea.

Do this day after day and you will see that your day unfolds exactly how you want it to.

Remember the only goal is to make sure you have a better life and your family has a better life. It all begins with how your morning is designed.

I will leave you with this one thought!