There is a shade of red for every Women.

  • Audrey Hepburn

The color red is often referred to Passionate love, violence, danger, fire, seduction. Red is also color of confidence, power, protective force, energy, dynamic force and vitality. No wonder then that red  is one of the most liked and used color. 

”When in doubt. Wear red – Bill Blass”

Why do we say that ?

Red is the color of good luck in East Asia, & China and it represents prosperity and purity in Japan and India. 

Red is a very close color to our profession and our passion. 

Red when you are in ”power”,

Red when you are in ”joy and to celebrate” 

Red when you are ready to ”light a fire and steal the show” 

Red when you are ”pure and auspicious”

Red when you are ”empowered as a physician” 

Red when you are in ” love with everything beautiful ”

Show me your shades of red and show me what it means to you. 

Show me your love for yourself by wearing shades of red this week.

Showing my passion 👇. Red batik handloom water paired with a vegan fringe/ fur crop top.