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"It's a group where a Muslim sister gives a gift to a Christian sister on a Hindu festival. Where else would you find such solidarity and love that is not defined by religion, race or national origin?"

For the last year and half DPM is the only reason I log into FB. This is where like minded physician sisters from diverse backgrounds and medical specialties virtually gather to what seems like for the most part a casual chat over a cup of chai with friends… but here’s the interesting part- most of us have not met each other!!! Over 6000 members, of which most are active and post either questions related to health, childcare, finances (literally anything under the sun) or share thoughts on anything that is current or past without being judged, or chime in playing games over Bollywood songs reminiscing college days. There is also help asked and given in form of suggestions or connections when someone close to a member needs helps in any part of the world. While most of this seems to be just light hearted fun, there is some serious work going on behind the scenes with our tireless administrators helping out a sister who’s in social/marital distress, helping make society better with philanthropy through the DPM foundation, and dedicated work that goes on in the subcommittees for members with individual interests. I have been added to several groups on FB, that I have either left or continue to snooze partly because they are boring and largely because in my opinion they do not add meaning or value to my everyday life. I personally felt the power of DPM when my mom was about to be stranded in an airport and within no time of messaging Vidya, the founder and chief of DPM, she got in touch with 2 DPM’s in that area and one was on her way to the airport to make sure my mom was ok. This was all in less than 15 minutes and it was not even a health crisis, and again, was not even an emergency. I wanted to make sure someone would be there if mom needed help, and there was help even before there was real need! Think about how fantastic this network is when one is in need of anything… Now I am confident that if my family or I need anything in the US, Canada, India or Pakistan, there is some DPM member ready to help… all I need is internet connection to go on DPM!!! How comforting is this feeling? And why would anyone not be a part of this amazing group? For the ones who read between the lines, let me give you 2 reasons why I love DPM- 1. Excellent network of >6000 members 2. Selfless admins who work for one major cause- helping a sister who is in need (without being judged or questioned) DPM is a quintessential part of my life and I wish the group, Vidya and all the admins and the DPM foundation much success and prosperity to make the world an even better place.

Dr. Sally Mathias

MD Neurology/Epilepsy, Lexington, KY Originally from Mangalore, India

What is DPM to me? It is a platform for expressing views, seeking opinions, sharing joy from simple things like a baby smiling for the first time to extraordinary achievements like a 14 year old painting like a virtuoso or a busy physician mom making ghee in instant pot for her kids, a physician mom and a mother gathering the courage to finally ask for help to deal with abuse and getting help they never dreamt off. It is where many of us feel we can express things freely. It’s a group where a Muslim sister gives a gift to a Christian sister on a Hindu festival. Where else would you find such solidarity and love that is not defined by religion, race or national origin? It is not all about us. There are many social issues taken up by the members led by the tireless efforts of the administrators night and day despite their careers and personal lives. For instance, helping the victims of domestic abuse in Southeast Asia. DPM is a family that I was not born in, but, nevertheless, is a part of my life and many other members’ lives now.


Internal Medicine

DPM has been my Facebook “home” for a long time. Think about the happiest time in your life- for me that was in medschool, living in a hostel with other women physicians in training, bonding over books, boys, food, fashion, and everything in between. I’m amazed that DPM has recreated this for me 20 years later! I’ve laughed and cried, shared concern and nostalgia, gotten excellent advice and support, and hopefully become a better person in the end. I’m equal parts in awe of and humbled by the power of sisterhood. -namaste, a DPM sister.


MD, Hartford, Connecticut

Desi Physician Mom: by definition a woman with very little time for social media. I choose to spend my time with my DPM sisters. Why, you ask?

Well, DPM has a unique combination that fills a space in my life. It opened a window into the lives of these accomplished people who not only care for the sick but are artists, entrepreneurs, poets, dancers. They have shown me the richness of the diversity of Desi life which as a Odia girl raised in the States I did not have. The platform of DPM gives me access to activism in an area close to my heart:women’s rights. As a mother of daughters I use DPM as more rich examples of what my daughters can do in the future. Unlike other groups I truly feel the members are inclusive and not cliques. Women live longer and better with good female friends to rely on. I feel I found this in DPM. People share their hopes, fears, dreams and determination. DPM is worth every minute of my precious time, so I keep coming back.

Dr. Sunita Dwivedy Nasta

Adult Hematology and Oncology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA

I became part of DPM just right after it came into existence . I have been in other groups as well however I will summarize my love for DPM as follows. 1. Women , a band of sisters that relate to each other due to similar work related, family related stress and juggling life as physician and a mother/ desiring motherhood . 2. Most of us are Immigrants in this group, hence relating to the social isolation , missing family and worrying about members of your family back home resonates with so many . However , the interesting observation that I have had is that women in this group who were born and raised here hold tight to their roots and hence I feel reassured that my children will hopefully imbibe the value sets of their Eastern heritage while growing up in a free thinking Western world. 3. The strength of this group lies in diversity and I could not even tell you how much I have learned and expanded understanding of different cultures ( I like to call my country of origin United States of India with so much diversity ) through all the strong women in this group. 4. Most women in this group have busy lives with full time work, family etc and despite that they have time to fulfill their passions besides medicine , be it dance, art , social service . 5. The compassion and outpouring of help that I have seen from time to time when a sister is in need of help is outstanding. 6. They way DMP has expanded its horizon with so many offshoots and endeavors is praiseworthy. 7. The tireless work of all the admin in the main group and subgroups is worthy of a standing ovation . 8. Even though I only know a few of you in person however it feels like I know you all and without hesitation I have become part of your happy and sad moments in life. 9. Last but not the least , Love for Biryani is real !!!! I can’t tell you how many different versions I have tried. By now you see I can ramble endlessly but suffice it by saying DPM IS THE BEST.

Dr. Bhavika Bhan

Endocrinologist, Overland Park, Kansas

“DPM is a breath of fresh air for us Physician moms of desi origin. It is an avenue to make like minded friends, share ideas,contribute to social cause like helping women facing domestic abuse, get inspired,stay fit,learn to cook, shop, have fun and stay connected with our desi roots via a vibrant cultural exchange, which was otherwise a struggle in our busy physical-mom lives. I have come to rely on this secure,trustworthy platform with a sincere leadership to elevate my daily experiences and the way I do things. We hope this group goes from strength to strength in times to come and we as members are able to contribute to shaping its future so it best serves its purpose in so many lives! I feel proud to be a part of this genuine sisterhood that brightens my life everyday and has my back in difficult times, like family.

Dr. Milli Jain Gupta

Endocrinology, Highland, Indiana

There is so much to learn from and rejoice in at DPM, whether it be the facebook group, the annual retreat, or connecting with other DPM members live in person. When we talk to a DPM member, no introduction is required (well, besides your name) because we all feel this invisible bond of understanding where we come from. Thank you DPM for making our lives easier by bringing together so much support, fun, and knowledge.

Dr. Asiya Kabir, MD

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, NYC

Growing up I always missed having a sister, wanted someone “like me” to share small and big things, laugh together, cry together and grow together!
Thru DPM I found that sisterhood I was looking for!
Interacting with you, my sisters, I realized that though we didn’t grow up together, we share many things in common, going through similar phases in life, facing similar challenges, we understand each other so well both at personal and professional levels!
Thank you, DPM for everything! May you continue to grow! God bless!

Dr. Santhi. S

Internal Medicine

Hello to all sisters and would be ones. I have been part of this amazing family for little over a Year. I can’t really recollect which one of my amazing sister got me introduced to this group… I accepted the request without even knowing that I will get so addicted to it. My husband often complains that I spend more time on DPM then I do in anything else ( even him ).
The reason why I love this group are too many to list. #1 it brings out the college girl back in me , where I can have a chilled conversation like back in those days. #2 in this busy competitive world it gives me moments of pure bliss , when I can relax .. reading experiences of like minded busy professional moms. Making me believe it’s not just me feeling this but everyday there are so many more sisters like me who are striving morning till night to be a good -mom , wife , doctor , friend, daughter and also DIL. #3 it helps me motivate to lose weight, keeps me pumped up by seeing how others are doing. #4 helps me get important advises be it for cooking, buying a household item , second opinion on any disease or job related issues – the list is endless. #5 even though I have never met personally- it has given me an opportunity to bank on so many supportive sisters- I have seen everyone including admins fighting for a sister in need or raising finances for her and it always gives all of us strength to be together in good and bad times.
The list and testimonial can go forever but all I can say is… this has given me a medium for me to be pure me, without worrying about what others are going to say or think. I am with others like me who understand my daily joys and pains.

Dr. Suparna Kohli

Internal medicine, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

DPM is the perfect example of how a group of women sharing a common educational and cultural background can come together to not just help each other in times of need but offer advice, share tips, make friends and have fun while doing so. In the last few years, due to time constraints arising from a young family and a new job, I often neglected connecting with friends or attempting to make new ones. Since joining DPM, not only have I found several new online friends, I have also actually met some and that was priceless. DPM is also the perfect platform for sharing information about traditions, recipes and fashion. I as so inspired to see busy moms celebrating festivals with such enthusiasm and detail, I have promised myself I will try to do so too. I have started to take care of my body without feeling guilty about the time and money that requires. I think one of the biggest strengths of DPM is that is helps one realize that women like you have real struggles and several of those can be overcome through support and motivation from your colleagues and friends. Personally, it was so heartening to see DPM recognize an issue that me and several of my colleagues are facing and take some concrete actions to address it. I am truly blessed to be a DPM ite!! Looking forwards to making many more friends and tons of inspiration!

Dr. Arati Kelekar Sule

It is so heartwarming to be a part of this group. I learn so many new things everyday ranging from make up, politics, hospital situations , medical care and LCHF!! God alone knows how I was struggling to lose few extra pounds for so long as my numbers were worsening. I had no clue what LCHF was and now I have learnt a healthier life style. The DPM exercise group has taught me new workouts which I love! For DPM’s going through personal struggles it is such a huge support !!! Those who have been through tough times only can realise they have someone to fall back on. You all admins are so talented to manage this all. God bless you all for making this world a better place!!!

Dr. Anjna Sethi

Family Practice and Geriatrics, Kansas City, MO

This is my story… This is our story…… Left my world.. walked away from my place.. Had new beginnings in life, n new horizons to embrace…. ‘Yes’.. I am living ‘The Dream’.. am Thankful for plenty.. Still needed little of my own…as some days were empty…. But wait… I am not alone.. there are many walking along.. Who are away from the roots, and still holding strong…. Those who do not need wings to fly, n are always there for others.. Essence of womanhood… Yes.. these are Desi Physician Mothers…. This is my story… This is our story….

Dr. Shalini Arora Chowdhry

Hospitalist IM, Cleveland Clinic. Cleveland (Hometown: Hissar, Haryana)

DPM to vent To discuss To reason To question To answer To cry To laugh To entertain To befriend To shop To learn To convince To encourage To inspire To follow To lead To belong To love.

Dr. Shabeera Rauther

Pain Medicine, Champaign, Illinois

Hi wanted to write what DPM means to me, I joined DPM last year and it has been an amazing journey with this group of intelligent warm gorgeous women! I have learned new things and come back to old passions!! I have made new friends and regrouped with my family! Love you and looking forward to seeing you all at the retreat this year!! 

Dr. Deepti Munjal

Oncology and Hematology

I truly feel at loss of words to describe my connection with DPM. It has provided such a strong platform for discussing personal/professional issues and hearing from so many friends, who “just get it”. It’s so funny that at times I’m thinking to post something and I would open DPM and find another Mom ranting about the same exact thing. Gives a feeling of companionship (and sanity?). @Vidya is such an honest and altruistic friend. All the admins amaze me by their level of commitment to keep the group productive, funny and supportive, while keeping the drama out!
DPM has truly helped my own personal development, while helping so many friends. Thanks DPM!

Dr. Mahvash Sheikh

Adult Psychiatrist, , Camp Hill, PA

I joined DPM around a year back. At that time, I was contemplating leaving the world of social media and its shallowness. Joining DPM was one of the best things to have happened to me. I got introduced into the world of LCHF, got advice on pet care, cooking and travel. My first ever thanksgiving Turkey was all done completely based on DPM videos. I also did my first 5 miles run (hoping we will have more) because of DPM. It is also nice to hear from women who are going through the same struggles and pleasures of life. Life as a mom and physician and wife is crazy and I use DPM as a de-stressor. It is nice to know that there are women who are ready and eager to help, you just have to ask. I am always amazed at how people come forward and go out of their way to help, counsel and often discuss private family matters and of course crib about our MIL’s. I would like to use this time to also give a big shout out to all the admin- I have no idea how they do all this on top of their personal responsibilities. When you have such a big group of ambitious desi women, keeping them together as a tight knit group is no easy task. I am really grateful for what you guys do. I am also really amazed at how willing everyone is to give their time to help others. I pray that the spirit of DPM continue and flourish.

Dr. Reena George

MD Neurology/Epilepsy Radiologist, Abbotsford, BC,Canada

For me DPM is all about love. I have been in solo private practice for the past twenty years and really miss the camaraderie of like minded female physicians. My loneliness has been compounded by the fact that I live in a relatively remote area and my busy lifestyle has made it difficult to have meaningful relationships. The best part of DPM is that I can access it at my convenience whenever I have the time. In general, I feel that the Desi community tries hard to put on a show of being perfect families devoid of any problems. To my surprise, the sisters on DPM are very open about sharing their everyday joys and sorrows. I also feel that the responses are genuine and heartfelt. DPM has filled my heart with the sisterhood that I have been searching for. Whenever a sister is struggling, the other sisters jump right in to offer their advice. Similarly, everyone is equally happy to cheer on each other’s successes. I am grateful to Vidya and the other admins for starting this organization and for their tireless commitment. May DPM continue to grow and flourish!


Dr. Sunitha Polepalle

Interventional Pain, Newburgh NY

I go to DPM for fun, for lighthearted banter, for solace and for advice. It’s a place to learn about Desi cultures and to share delicious Desi recipes. It’s a place to connect with like minded women, physicians and mothers striving to do their best at home and at work. It’s where I go to brag about my child and to dote on fellow members’ children. It’s where I go to learn about advocacy and to help make our world a little bit better. It’s where I go to help a woman leaving a violent marriage. It’s where I go to laugh about a failed recipe. It’s a sort of a social media home, a respite, a Sisterhood of fun, frivolity and serious activism. It’s our DPM.

Dr. Quratul Ann Cheema

Family Medicine, Seattle, Washington

2 billion people are on Facebook and this group DPM is my favorite group to belong to. I feel at home in this group. In my busy personal and professional life, this group provides access to like minded physician moms, whenever I find time to engage – no restrictions. Here I find so many like me with a heart that is a perfect blend of desi (Indian) and American. Not only does DMP allow access to Desi culture, recipes but the group is constantly adding “spice” with personal Desi recipes, dresses, jewelry, jokes, movie reviews and fitness tips. When a Desi sister needs advise however personal, I have always seen non judgmental help not just with words but way beyond that. I have bonded with many on DPM without ever meeting them in person. This Desi sisterhood group of passionate, fun loving and caring Desi Physician Moms will only get stronger!

Dr. Anupam Verma

Pediatric Hematology Oncology, Salt Lake City, Utah

As the ancient sanskrit scripture says: ayam bandhurayam neti ganana laghuchetasam udaracharitanam tu vasudhaiva kutumbakam.


Only small men discriminate saying: One is a relative; the other is a stranger. For those who live magnanimously the entire world constitutes but a family.

I am proud to be part of DPM Family.

DPM inspires me everyday with deep thoughts and strong words. DPM brightens my day with witty posts and funny jokes. DPM strengthens my body with fitness challenges. DPM Bazzar brings Desi clothes and ornaments to my door step. DPM brings out my creativity and motivates me to cook every day. DPM makes me feel young and beautiful.
Though at times I want to get out of the social media craze the only thing that pulls me back in to is DPM
Love you DPM

Dr. Varalakshmi Niranjan

Internal Medicine, Connecticut

Why do I love DPM? BECAUSE -I am connected to 6000 women like me who are Desi and Doctors. -DPM defines diversity-it doesn’t care about your language,your religion,your status,your looks,your money -all are equal. -I can get the counsel of all these smart women at any time. -I can counsel women I have never met before with whatever expertise I have. -I can ask questions anonymously if I have any delicate matters to discuss and I have the support of admins that spend so much of their time and energy helping women. -I have fun with food,music,art and jokes and a lot more! -I am constantly inspired by remarkable women on here-authors,politicians,poets,artists and they inspire me to be better. -Most importantly,I can make my contribution ,however small, to help South East Asian women who are victims of domestic violence . DPM is the main reason why I still have a Facebook account! Love and thanks to all the DPM admins and the members!

Dr. Maheswari Raja

Family Medicine, Texas

DPM is not just a facebook group , its a genuine sisterhood which women physicians of asian origin turn to for fun things like shopping , food , fitness and fashion along with more involved situations such as difficult marraiges , issues with kids and inlaws. Most of us are away from our real family and sisters and this virtual sisterhood serves exactly that purpose – its a family away from family and it has all the flavors of a typical family ! The fact that we are physicians and also moms leaves us with precious little time to actually get together with other like minded, intelligent and ambitious women but this virtual sisterhood makes up for it by giving us tiny bits of interesting discussions almost every day . I for one , am very honored & grateful to be a part of this Global Family.

Dr. Bijal Dave

Family Practice & Geriatrics, New Jersey

Hi everyone! I’ve been a member of DPM for about 2 years now but it feels like I’ve been part of this sisterhood for ages! In DPM I’ve found a community that I was lacking and missed very much since I left my medical college. DPM is there for you when you feel happy, or sad, or celebrating, or if you just want to share something funny that nobody else gets it but DPM sisters. I’ve shared my moments of weakness at times and found there are other people going through the same. And not only you find support, you also know your information is safe there. I have also found a purpose in life by supporting some of the causes that I feel passionately about . It’s been awesome taking part in fundraisers. I did my first official 5k at the age of 40 for the victims of domestic violence. It was so exciting to see the fundraising during holidays and how we kept raising the bar and meeting it! And last thing I will say is a big heartfelt thank you to our admins and ladies who put so much effort and time and energy into all of this! They are very busy physicians, moms, and women with all kinds of responsibilities and they still find time to volunteer for this awesome group. Just for the satisfaction of helping someone in need. So a BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL!

Dr. Arvinder Thiara

Pediatrics, Lodi, CA

I am so grateful to my sister who introduced me to this women’s physician group when I was struggling to find my worth and value at 48 yrs with almost grown children who didn’t really need me any more , where I had achieved success at work , where I was finally wanting to make more sense of what to do for the next 20 years on a personal and professional level in life. I really love this day and age of social media that has given me a tribe of my own . A whole bunch of like minded women who I have never even met in person who have become so close to me in a short time . I have sipped your chai lattes, eaten your biryanis , kept kids home from school in snow days , dealt with in laws , done some matchmaking, learnt how to do makeup and shopped all from my little phone and I thank you for your openness. As women, we have always worked extra hard to be best daughter best wife best daughter in law best mother best doctor best friend … the list goes on. We hold ourselves to a higher standard and it gets draining at times. This group shows me how it can be done , others are doing it . Here are ways to try that I may have not thought of before. This group is not biased, there is no competition, no personal gain which is why every suggestion is pure at its intent and helps more at a emotional level than anything else . There is a fine line in social media to hide and stalk and invade but here in this group, our vulnerability speaks volumes as our hearts are pure and we want all of us women, young and old to grow and flourish and be our best, most vibrant selves. The commonality of Indian born and raised women doctors who have come here just like me and are dealing with the very same situations that I have too using same cultural norms or religion or family structure. This is so helpful in day to day life situations. The novelty of my American born sisters who are so amazing in keeping the culture alive all while taking care of family and work ! I struggle to even cook Indian or celebrate festivals regularly but see a lot of our sisters doing it here with that same pure attitude. I am inspired how many more things people are involved in – art , dance , music . Those side gigs ! Wow ! That’s badass ! One day I want to do something different work wise and know where to come for help . Others have given me courage to reach past my comfort zone and try something new for the community good – Sari and Samosa in March 2018 ! I am sharing my favorite poem – I hope we all can shine to our fullest helping each other along ….. Our Deepest Fear By Marianne Williamson Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness That most frightens us. We ask ourselves Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small Does not serve the world. There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking So that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, As children do. We were born to make manifest The glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; It’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, We unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we’re liberated from our own fear, Our presence automatically liberates others.

Dr. Poonam Bhatia

Family Medicine Integrative

For me DPM has been a home away from home. I have been here for a year and made so many wonderful friends. I had to face 2 evacuations due to natural disasters in the last 6 months and I have had total strangers but DPM sisters who messaged me/ called me inviting me over to stay with them. This kind of bonding, love & affection cannot be measured ! It is so reassuring to know that any kind of help/ support/ advise is just one message / phone call away. The generosity of all the members who pitch in time & again to help victims of domestic abuse be it within DPM or international relief funds for various causes is inspiring and uplifting! I hope & wish that the DPM organization continues to grow and thrive and contribute to making this world a better place to live in ! Best wishes always,

Dr. Archana Rao

OBGYN, Santa Rosa, California

Being a physician is tough. Being a woman at that.. tougher. Now add to it being a desi in the US along with being a mom. Life can be as tough as it can be. However with DPM every desi physician mom has support. I am new to DPM. Only about 6 months in but this has definitely made a huge impact on me. I’m beyond thankful to my dear friend who introduced me to DPM. Its got everything from career guidance to easy cookbook recipes to emotional guidance to lifestyle advice to entertainment news. I cannot imagine a more well rounded group than this one right here. I feel very much like a family with this group. And never feel alone. I enjoy all the group activities, the discussion forums on ethics and current events, the fashion tips, the relationship advices and anything else that DPM has to offer. This group has great potentials and I hope to see this grow and flourish. Sisterhood all the way!

Dr. Ashley Sarasan

Geriatric Fellow, Mayo Clinic, MN

Hello i am samreena sara,MD a proud dpm member. I practice sleep medicine in shreveport louisiana. This opportunity is a special way to thank the dpm group for being such an important part of our lifes. Whether its any family issues, cooking recipes,professional help,matrimonial matches, any curb side consultations to baby questions.. dpm has got answers to every single thing. DPM bazar which is a subgroup of dpm has got so many wonderful products for any occasion. We ordered a perfect boxed gift with engravation on it! All our guests just loved it! Even if my husband has any questions for himself, he would ask me if i can post it on dpm:) I feel so privileged being a part of such beautiful group and to know how many desi female physicians in the united states are into extremily challenging specialties.. These powerful women would keep sharing their knowledge on the most uptodate evidence based medicine. It feels so amazing to be a part of such an empowering group. The admins show great leadership qualities and are working so hard to help the dpm sisters and beyond. Thank you for such a beautiful and amazing powerful physician group who makes the world so beautiful with their hard work.

Dr. Samreena Sara

Sleep Medicine, Shreveport, Louisiana Hometown (Hyderabad, India

I have been a member of DPM for the past 2 years, and it is no exaggeration when I say that this group and its extraordinary admins have literally changed my whole life and still help me with everyday struggles. I was a devout Hindu, and had strong reservations about divorce even though I was in a loveless, controlling relationship for over a decade. I used to hush my inner voice whenever I felt like standing up for myself in abusive situations. At one point, I saw that my 2 year old daughter suffering and I could see that affect her adversely as she grows up. It was at first unbelievable but Vidya spent countless hours and days talking to me out of my delusions . She painstakingly explained to me day by day the dangers of staying in an abusive marriage, it’s implications on my growing daughter, and finally I was strong enough to file for divorce. Things only got worse at that point until Vidya helped me literally escape from that hell house one night, with nothing but my daughter in my arms. The admins texted me with legal advice day and night for days at a stretch until they felt my lawyer was handling it well. They continued to guide me through my provisional hearing during which I won the child’s custody. They did not stop there. DPM did a fund raiser for my cause and raised a large amount which has taken care of my expenses for the past several months when I was struggling with a lot of new and unexpected expenses. My divorce is still dragging on for several reasons, but the admins always make sure they check on me every now and then, especially at times I really need them. I am unable to understand how women like me with full time careers as physicians, and as mothers and wives with families to take care of, can devote so much time, energy and effort for helping total strangers! I bow down to their dedication, hard work, enthusiasm, and above all – optimism, at a time when we are going through even turbulent times as a nation and certain nationalities. It gives me great pleasure to say that DPM is unparalleled in its vision, it’s leadership, it’s members and it’s day to day work literally changing thousands of lives.