Operation DPMask

Operation DPMask

DPM Foundation Donates over 30,000 masks to physicians and high risk patients

The DPM Foundation board coordinated DPMask, a massive effort to purchase materials for, coordinate production, and distribute over 30,000 specialized masks and gowns free of charge to US and Canadian physicians and other health care workers in direct patient care, to high risk patients, and to the elderly during the unprecedented 2020 coronavirus pandemic. These masks were specially designed by one of our DPM members, Dr. Sonia Mehta, anesthesiologist at the University of Florida. This was a synchronized effort by 8 DPM members each leading a team of gracious volunteers to prepare and sew the masks in 11 cities throughout the United States, while each DPM regional volunteer continued in her daily physician duties on the front lines. Dr. Meenakshi Pande, Executive Committee Member of DPMF served as Project Coordinator of Operation DPMask, while continuing her duties as a full time endocrinologist.

We would like to thank the dozens of volunteers in these cities who answered our calls for help, sacrificing personal time to provide so many with these masks with the hopes that they will be safe and protected. Each mask was prepared, made, and delivered with the utmost respect and from kindness and love in their hearts. DPMF salutes you!

Avni and Arihunt Garg distribute 200 masks to protestors in NYC

Boxes of Halyard material for masks in the garage

A volunteer transports mask material to other volunteers

Mrs. Vimala Ramakrishnaiah created the final design of the mask!

And so the work begins!

The Pande family assembles ties and masks in their dining room

Avni Garg helps her mom sew

Volunteer Albina Zakrevski sews masks

Masks ready to be shipped!

Masks, ties, and nose pieces packed for shipping

Boxes of masks ready for shipping!

Nurses in the Recovery Room of Centra State Hospital in NJ wearing the masks