DPMathon – 2019

DPM holds an annual DPMathon 5K throughout North America supporting various organizations. In 2019, DPMathon was led by Dr. Arvinder Thiara and Dr. Meenakshi Pande, and raised over $40,000 for Free for Life International. Free for Life rescues and restores victims of human trafficking internationally. The proceeds raised through DPMathon rescued 60 women and girls on the border between India and Nepal, brought prevention education to 3 additional countries, and supported a safe home with no time limit on recovery. Free for Life works every day to stop traffickers, serve survivors and prevent women and girls from ever entering lives of slavery — the youngest child FFLI has rescued was just 4 years old. DPMF was proud to present our check at FFLI’s 2019 Red Tie Affair gala. Special thanks to the Free for Life team and CEO Gabrielle Thompson for this honorable opportunity for our members.