Ways to wear a brooch

Brooches are accessories that most people tend to write off. Some of you just think it should be worn on the right or left side of a shirt. Actually, the brooch is one of the most fun and versatile piece of accessory. Not hating on other accessories but, necklaces go around the neck, watches go on the wrist, the belt goes around your waist and the list go on. Most accessories are limited to one body part. Brooches, on the other hand, is the accessory that can be strategically placed anywhere on our outfits to give them a little bit more personality or tell a story maybe. Whether they are worn singly, in pairs or in a cluster, Brooches are an indicator and can be really cool when styled right. It will definitely make you stand out and it can make any outfit give you that extra pop you need!

Ways to wear it other than the traditional way:

On a coat or blazer lapel, on a vest.. options are limitless..

On your neckline (my fav way actually), sometimes it feels like a necklace

On a sari/ethnic attire

On a scarf

On a collar

On the sleeve of the wrist

On a hat

In your hair

With floor length gowns

In summary, have fun with it!!