Summer Fashion!

Ladies…. summer is here and it is my favorite time of the year. Sunshine, pool parties and gorgeous beach vacations to look forward to and the best part……..OUTDOORS!

After bundling up for the winter- yes, I live in Midwest…I just cannot wear layers or pants anymore! One of my favorite things to wear is a long dress- a Maxi dress.

Why…because long dresses are so versatile. You can literally wear it for any event or occasion. You can be as casual you want to and wear it on the beach, or spruce it up with some accessories for a pool party or make it really sexy and sultry for an evening party or date. You just cannot get it wrong with maxi dresses!

So let’s talk about casual maxi dresses- you can wear them while running errands, for a casual lunch date with girlfriends or picking up your kids from school and you will always look pretty and feminine!


I love this dress from Nordstrom. Baby blue, casual and convenient, gives a fresh look and washable.

This flowery dress is from Target, it is more stylish, love the cold shoulder aspect of this dress, but casual enough to wear during the day and fancy enough to wear for a lunch date!

Next are semi-casual maxi dresses-

If you are going to a pool party, or vacationing at the beach and want to look fancy without trying too hard, these dresses are worth a try…

This is a gorgeous dress. Geometric pattern to give a modern look, good coverage and wear it with some block heels, long bohemian style earrings, side ponytail and you are ready the rock the afternoon.

The model here is one of our DPM sisters – Monalisa Sur, with impeccable taste in clothes. She is wearing a printed maxi dress and a little shrug for extra coverage. This color really brings out her skin tone and is perfect for an afternoon out or even a wedding. I love the nude shoes she is wearing as it tones down the dresses and balances it. You can use a red Mercedes as an accessory too I suppose!














(www.fashiongum. com)

These are some of my other favorite styles, which can be worn in a semi- formal set up.

The first one is a classic black and white print, you can accessories it with red block sandals and a big red bag. What a chic look!

The second picture is a flowy maxi dress, subtle print and the brown purse and shoes enhance the brown print of the dress. Very clever!

Now, time to discuss formal maxi dresses…

These can be worn as long cocktail dresses for dinner dates, receptions and parties. We really don’t want to wear something that will make us look like we stepped out of a Prom, we want to look elegant, sexy and feminine. Here are some of my favorite designs.


Wow, Red Hot Chilli Peppers!  Very bold and bright but definitely not over the top. Love the plunging neckline and flowing bottom. Finish the looks with the long thin neck-chain and a large pendant and put your hair up with some loose strands.

Here is what our gorgeous (model) DPM sister Shabreen Haque would wear for a night out! Simple yet elegant, she has enhanced this look with a bright lipstick and casual hair. Very classy Shabreen!

Another look by Shabreen, gorgeous white, very sexy and fresh. This dress can be dressed up or dressed down and the lace makes her look very graceful.














Since I love maxi dresses so much, I wore this for my wedding reception. This is a BCBG dress, I wanted something which would be light and easy to dance and not as heavy as a wedding dress. I accessorized it with a diamond bracelet and diamond earrings with strappy sandals. It truly was a fun evening.

Hope you all liked the short and sweet segment on Maxi dresses. Remember fashion is you! Always try to experiment with colors and a simple dress can be turned into a Runway dress with the right accessories. Happy Shopping!