Versatile Saree – changing with trends

Our very traditional garment Saree is one of my favorite wear. Interest in spree keeps getting revived every year, especially with many designers putting different twists on it. We will not go into many traditional ways the spree can be worn, but will just focus on the changing trends. Photos are either of me, Shabrin or Shabeera, and some taken from the world wide web of Bollywood celebrities for reference only.

Saree with pleated pallu and contrasted blouse

Saree with non-pleated pallu left flowing and contrasted blouse

Saree with bunched non pleated pinned pallu

Half and Half Saree
Half and half are one of my favorites – so many color combinations and variations!

Trouser saree
These are worn over a trouser and start with plates on one leg. Looking back I should have taken a pic standing like this model here to show the trouser – need to work on my poses !! 😉 O well internet to the rescue

Gown saree – love love love them

Lahenga Saree
Another very versatile way of wearing spree – u can make the same garment look very different!!

Dhoti Saree
Bollywood celebrity with dhoti saree and our own shabeera in the similar khada pall style.