Summer Fruit Pops

These are make-ahead fresh fruit pops made out of fresh mango pulp, raspberry & blueberry pulp for your kids this summer. way healthier than commercially prepared ice cream and super yummy too!

Prep Time – 10 mins
Freezing Time – 5 hours

1 cup pulp of fresh mangoes (available frozen with Indian grocers as Kesar mango pulp or u can make it using fresh ripe mangoes)
1 pint of blueberries – pureed
1 small box of raspberries – pureed
1 tablespoon Agave or Honey or 1 tablespoon sugar
1 tsp vanilla essence
Ice Pop Molds

1. First puree raspberries and blueberries separately. To the blueberry pulp, add 1 small tsp of vanilla essence, 1 tablespoon agave /honey/ sugar and 1/4 cup of water. mix thoroughly.

  1. To the raspberry pulp, add 1 tablespoon either agave/honey/sugar and mix
    3. For the mango pulp nothing is to be added but please check for sweetness. some varieties of mangoes are not naturally very sweet. so, you may have to add a sweetener based on how sweet it is.
    4. Now Take the Ice pop molds of your choice and start filling with fruit pulp divided equally- first mango, then blueberry and then raspberry. Alternatively, I would also fill raspberry pulp first, followed mango and lastly blueberry pulp.
    5. Freeze for 5 hours
    6. When ready to serve, run them in hot water for 10 secs. This way they will separate easily from the mold. Enjoy!!!