We are proud to have finished our 2017 US/Canada-wide 5K program! We were able to raise $6,201!

Our sisters walked/ran 5K during DPMathon week, Aug 5-15, with each other or alone in their home cities. They participated in a 12-week training program with weekly group coaching from a personal DPM trainer starting back in mid-May.

The registration fee included a DPMathon tee shirt, an engraved medal, and 100% of the proceeds supported SNEHA, a non-profit organization assisting and empowering South Asian Victims of Domestic Abuse.

For many of us, this was our first 5K. Every step of the way, we honored all victims of domestic violence, our Desi sister victims across the globe, and ESPECIALLY our DPM Sisters who have been/are currently victims.